Will Swimming Help My Muscle and Joint Pain?

Will Swimming Help My Muscle and Joint Pain?

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Joint Pain can be the worst thing to happen to a person. Especially if you are a very active person Joint pains can affect you in many ways and stop you from getting back into the action of everyday activities. In the United States, 23% of all adults have a severe type of joint pain that causes them to be stiff and move very slowly in pain.

This is called arthritis. There is not a cure for this, but there are ways of treatments that lessen the pain. The treatments are not just for the people with arthritis though. The treatments can be for all people who have pain in their joints and muscles.

The question flows greatly throughout most people’s minds, “what can I do that is fun and helps to ease the pains of my muscles and/or joints?”. Well, if you like the water you can do a little swimming! It allows you to use all of your muscle groups, increase your range of motion, and also improve your cardiovascular health.

As some know, when swimming about 90% of body weight is supported by the water. Having the almost weightless pool supports your muscles and joints when engaging in the numerous amounts of activities that require water such as Water Aerobic Exercises.

If you are interested in such, first I would recommend that that you talk with your doctor to see if swimming will be alright for you and if it will do anything else to your body concerning your health.

Water Aerobics (Water Aerobic Exercises), are separated into two different types.

Low intensity and high-intensity. If you are a beginner low-intensity would be your best option, but some like to get straight into the action by doing high-intensity versions of Water Aerobics. If you arent sure which one you want to start with there are such things as Water Aerobic Coaches.

The coaches will help you decide with what you want to do and they’ll guide you along your journey to strengthen yourself. Just keep in mind that the harder you go the better your joint and muscles will feel on the day to day basis.

If you know that you cant go straight into Water Aerobics, don’t be afraid to do a little moderate swimming by yourself or even with your children. The key to getting all your joints and muscles to work like butter is to take things nice and slow in the beginning.