Why You Should Consider Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Why You Should Consider Chiropractic Massage Therapy


There are many different types of massage therapy, including Swedish, Shiatsu, sports, deep tissue, hot stone, and Thai. All types can provide a positive impact on the body, however, nothing compares to a chiropractic massage. Here are the top three reasons why chiropractic care is in a league of its own.

  1. The massage is guided by a doctor. Not just any doctor, but YOUR doctor. He or she will come together with your massage therapist to evaluate and determine what is best for you. Before the massage, they will meet and determine which muscles need the most attention, along with the amount of depth and intensity of pressure.

    Notes will be shared and treatments will be adjusted as you progress through treatment. Chiropractors assess and treat injuries or chronic conditions in a holistic way, meaning he or she considers your joint condition, possible troubles with connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and muscles…all when creating a treatment plan for you. If massage is risky for you and your condition, your doctor will not prescribe it as a treatment plan.

  2. Massages are often covered by insurance. This type of massage falls under chiropractic care, which can be covered by an insurance provider. Check your benefits to see what will be covered for you, should you need chiropractic care or you’ve been considering it.
  3. It’s a special type of skill. Massage therapists that work in the chiropractic field typically help those who have experienced injury, meaning they are more knowledgeable than the standard massage therapist. They know what areas to focus on, depending on your condition. They know underlying issues that may be present from the condition and what techniques will work in alleviating pain.