What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Electrical muscle stimulation
12 Uses for Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Electrical muscle stimulation is an electrical current that is used to generate or decrease electrical activity in the muscles of the body. The electrical impulses are transmitted through electrodes, which are placed at specific points on the skin and connected by wires to a power supply.
This electric signal creates contractions in the muscles. It can be used for a number of different reasons – including rehabilitation from injury, muscle strengthening, and pain relief. Today we will discuss 12 ways electrical muscle stimulation can help improve your health!

1. Electrical muscle stimulation stimulates the muscles, which can help people who have had to quit their jobs because of injury or recovery from surgery. The electrical impulses create contractions in the muscles and help them rebuild strength over time.

2. Electrical muscle stimulation relieves pain by blocking transmission at nerve endings. It’s a great option for those with chronic back pain that isn’t resolved through physical therapy or medication.

3. Electrical muscle stimulation is used by athletes as well! One study found that this type of treatment helped runners improve their performance significantly when they were fatigued.

4. Electrical muscle stimulation has been shown to be helpful for patients suffering from fibromyalgia, where it was observed that 64% experienced significant relief after using EMST daily for one month.

5. Electrical muscle stimulation has been shown to be a helpful option for those with Parkinson’s disease. It helps them reduce tremors and stiffness.

6. Electrical muscle stimulation is also used as an alternative treatment for depression, where it stimulates the release of endorphins, which can have positive effects on mental health.

7. Electrical muscle stimulation is often used in physical therapy settings because it provides benefits that traditional methods do not! EMST was found to increase range of motion by almost 50% when compared to conventional stretching techniques alone – this type of treatment could benefit patients who are looking at surgery or rehabilitation after injury.

8. One study even showed that electrical muscle stimulation could help promote weight loss among obese adults. After six months, they lost an average of five pounds.

9. Electrical muscle stimulation can also be used to help treat chronic pelvic pain in women. The electrical pulses mimic menstrual cramps, which is helpful for those who are suffering from endometriosis or adhesions.

10. Electrical muscle stimulation is an option for patients with orthostatic hypotension (also known as low blood pressure). This type of treatment helps stimulate the veins and prevent them from collapsing when a person moves around – this improves circulation so that they feel more alert and have more energy.

11. Electrical muscle stimulation has been shown to improve other conditions like diabetes! One study found EMST was helpful for adults with type II diabetes by improving their insulin levels after just 16 weeks.

12. Electrical muscle stimulation could also be helpful to improve symptoms for those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. EMST was found to result in significant improvements when it came to their pain levels and quality of life.

In closing, electrical muscle stimulation is a great tool for improving your health and can be used in a number of different ways. It’s important to know the benefits and risks so that you can make an informed decision on electrical muscle stimulation as part of your treatment plan! Talk to your local chiropractor to see if they offer this treatment.