How Can Chiropractic Care Help the Elderly?

How Can Chiropractic Care Help the Elderly?

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Regular and often chiropractic care comes with a lot of benefits; many elderly citizens are sometimes not even aware they exist. The following are some of the ways chiropractic care can help in the life of an elderly citizen.

1. Relieving pain
When it comes to treating the pain associated with elderly spinal conditions, chiropractic care is ranked among the best and the safest method as such to treat pain. This method is beneficial as spinal disorder occurs mostly dues to some abnormalities on the spine soft tissues and injuries to the spine itself.

Medical care specializing in chiropractic comes exceptionally well trained in the treatment, identification, and diagnosing of patients with the underlying effects of these conditions concerning the central nervous system. Continuous use of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers medication has been found to have some of the worse undesirable side effects as they mostly mask symptoms.

2. Chiropractic care enhances coordination and balance to the elderly
Degenerative changes to the cervical spine or perhaps injury around the neck region has been proved by medics to be the leading contributor to a host of balance and coordination challenges among the aging population. The cervical spine acts as a host to mechanoreceptor, and this receptor is the one that is responsible for sending crucial information to the brain concerning coordination and balance.

As one age, loss of body awareness, sometimes referred to us as proprioception, is evident and is characterized by defects in functions of this spine receptor. Decreased sense of body awareness causes patients with this condition to rely heavily on their vision to locate their limb.
Proprioception is often characterized by patients exhibiting unusual keeping of legs a bit wider, which tends to become irregular and sometimes uneven.

Experts in the medical field have proved that with proper stimulation of joint receptors around the cervical spine, patients have been able to regain appropriate coordination and balance.

3. Reduction in joint degeneration
A misaligned spine gets sometimes compared to an automobile with a wheel that gets misaligned in the contemporary world. The subluxated or misaligned wheel in time causes the spine to wear out prematurely. It’s of paramount importance to have your spine in proper alignment, even though all body parts will eventually wear out over time. With the normalization of spinal alignment and reduction of spinal stress, chiropractic care has effectively managed to decrease spinal degeneration and other related arthritic conditions.

4. Reduced chances of falling
Our senior population is highly prone to fall injuries. Based on the Center for Disease Control, 90 percent of bone fractures among the elderly is as a result of falling. With the normalization of mechanoreceptors, chiropractic care has been able to reduce by a significant margin the risks associated with falls. Chiropractic care takes care of your cervical spine by performing chiropractic adjustments.

The whole package related to chiropractic care comes with a host of other exercise and stretching program. These programs are responsible for enhanced mobility, flexibility, strength as well as balance and coordination.