Having a Healthy Year, Pt. 1

Five Ways to Decrease Chronic Inflammation Flare-Ups
December 13, 2018
Having a Healthy Year, Pt. 2
March 21, 2019
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Having a Healthy Year, Pt. 1


If you’re determined to make 2019 your best and healthiest year yet, then know that we are excited for you and support you 100% as you navigate through this journey. Here are five healthy habits to help make 2019 a pain-free year.

  1. Get adequate sleep. It’s important for your body and your mind to receive plenty of rest each night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consult with your chiropractor about possible solutions.
  2. Don’t skip your warm-up before activity. Take at least 20 minutes to warm up before starting any physical activity, even if it’s a game of golf. Incorporate breathing exercises, light stretching, and motion exercises to loosen up your muscles and joints.
  3. Don’t forget to cool down after activity. This is just as important as warming up! Spend at least 20 minutes cooling down, either through a brisk walk or a slow jog. Stretch your muscles and joints.
  4. Work on your posture. Perfect posture can increase your energy level, help you breathe in a better manner, and improve your circulation. It helps with your appearance and your overall health! Maintain the spine’s natural curves. If your spine is misaligned, you will experience strain and pain.
  5. Purchase a good quality office chair. If you sit for a majority of the day, you’ll want a chair that is comfortable so your muscles, joints, and ligaments don’t become strained or injured. When shopping for office furniture, look for a chair that can be adjusted to your size of the task, can adapt to your spine when in various positions, has a backrest that supports the lower back, and has a front edge that curves downward to help with posture. Change your positions during the day to prevent injury and strain.

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