Homeostasis: the balance of bodily function and equilibrium. Our bodies are their own ecosystems, every part and cell striving to work together to create an environment that benefits the user of the body. Chiropractic has a simple goal in mind: promoting that homeostasis and balance within the nervous system.

A Simple Summary of Chiropractic Care 1

Often associated with the cracking of necks and backs, chiropractic is more than that, using manual care and focusing on non-invasive approaches to assist the body in fixing itself, rather than forcing anything. Minimizing the damage already in place and focusing on therapeutic solutions for healing creates an optimal environment for the body to naturally heal. It’s all about assisting the activation of the body’s innate healing abilities, not just twisting your spine and sending you on your way.

Chiropractic is often hailed as one of the safest, drug-free types of therapy to mend any neuromusculoskeletal issues and recreate the balance lost in a body. The spinal manipulation provided by chiropractors is also renowned for being one of the most effective ways to help patients get back on their feet more quickly. The benefits outweigh any soreness that might come from spinal manipulation, as the soreness tends to fade within a day.

The theory in place among chiropractors is that nerve and organ dysfunction is the outcome of misaligned or traumatized vertebrae in the spinal column, causing the nerves to be irritated and tighten, surrounding muscle tissue to stiffen and create pain, all culminating in the body having less function in the focus areas associated with the pain.

This dysfunction can be caused by many things, including physical trauma, infections, postural problems, disc degeneration, or even genetics, making it possible for anyone to end up with this “intervertebral subluxation.” The physical health of our entire frame can rest on our spine at times, spreading pain outward to the extremities and making daily life all but impossible. When these sensitive nerve tissues are dislocated or pinched between vertebrae, the functions of anything from organs to limbs can be negatively impacted.

An assessment, as well as adjustment of the spine, is often necessary, perhaps spanning over more than a few sessions, in order to properly realign all affected areas. The goal of chiropractic is ultimately an improved internal balance, finding the source of the issues and manually encouraging the body to help itself through it. Creating a structurally sound body allows for healthy and functional systems within that body.

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