Stress Eased by Chiropractic Care 1

The “New Normal”. Doesn’t it seem we have all fallen victim to that phrase in 2020? What does this “New Normal” entail? Work from home, social distancing, remote learning, quarantine, shutdowns – these situations for most people are all leading to one thing: Stress.

Taking Control of Your Health
Stress is something humans have direct access to diminishing, however many simply don’t have the proper tools or knowledge as to how to do that. Chiropractic Care at Palmetto ChiroMed has proven to significantly improve the health and wellness of patients who choose to take advantage of the knowledge in this industry.

Chiropractic Care has proven to improve overall mental health, back and neck pain, headaches, and stress levels. When your body feels good, it is one less element your brain has to “stress” about. Why not take control of an area that is controllable and rely on the expertise of a Chiropractor to relax your body, release your tension, and improve your overall wellbeing?

Making a Change in 2021
2021 is the year to make a change. 2021 can be the best year mentally if it is made a priority to feel the best physically. Every day we wake up with a choice. We can choose to invest in our bodies now and receive that return on investment later in life.

Or we can choose to skate by now and deal with stress and pain, only to reap the repercussions down the road. This year can be different. Investing in Chiropractic Care is a form of self-care. Many will purchase candles, essential oils, weighted blankets, self-help books, which all have a cost associate. Why not invest in something that will provide a long-term benefit to your overall health and also make you feel better in the present?

Affordability of Care
Many clinics accept FSA and HSA as a form of payment, so many of their patients never have to pay out of pocket for care. If these forms of benefits are not available, there is always the option to budget for these services on a monthly basis.

The services can range from $60-$200 a visit, depending on the nature of care provided and benefits provider. It may require sacrifice. Maybe cable gets canceled, or the weekly Starbucks visit gets postponed, but the results are well worth the sacrifice.

Choosing a Stress-Free Life
In addition to Chiropractic Care, there are several things you can do “free of charge” to alleviate stress on a daily basis. Combined with the medical knowledge of a chiropractor and the right decisions made at home, you are on your way to creating a path for the stress-free life you deserve. Here are some things you can do at home to ease stress:

  • Take a short 15-20 minute nap
  • Go for a walk
  • Call a friend
  • Spend 5-10 minutes of quiet time first thing in the morning
  • Listen to a favorite song that reminds you of a time in life where you had no stress
  • Develop a meal plan that serves your body in wellness longterm
  • Say “no” if you are too busy, take care of yourself first